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About 3D Viz 2.jpg




The 3D Viz Way

What we stand for

  • Customers First
  • Being Creative
  • Producing the highest quality images
  • Enjoying what we do
  • Making our mothers proud

The 3D Viz Team

Who we are

Our team includes very talented modelers, creative designers, inspired lighting artists, animators, configuration specialist and customer service executives. This group of extraordinary people will make your product their cause. Our company loves new challenges, please give us one (or many)


Our Process

How we do it


Our History

Where we come from

JP Magnano, creative director and company founder, has been in the 3D business since 1989. With over 25 years of experience, he has lead a team of very talented artist since 2002, based in Miami. 3D Viz, now in its 13th year of existance, has grown steadily, as has its customer base. Today, our client base stretches several industries, encompassing small companies all the way up to Fortune 500 multinationals.